Sphera Slurry for Ball Polishing

Ceramic ball bearing polishing is typically needed for the Electric Vehicle market. 
Sphera Slurries are environmentally friendly and specifically formulated for precision ball polishing applications. Amplex Sphera consist of four core products covering a wide range of precision ball polishing application needs. Both oil based and water based slurry vehicles are available, paired with two types of
abrasives, alpha ceramic alumina and diamond.
Sphera Slurry for Ball Polishing
Features Benefits
  • Controlled particle size distribution & lubricity
  • Non-volatile vehicle
  • Viscoelastic rheological properties
  • Particle dispersion through unique vehicle chemistry
  • Premixed solution
  • More consistent & superior surface finish
  • Reduced residue allowing for easy clean
  • Significantly improved MRR & cycle time
  • Process adaptation/material removal
  • Efficiency and surface finish, cost reduction for customers
  • Less mess and reduced downtime