Industrial Polishing

Surface finishing is a critical step in manufacturing, especially for industries that demand high-precision components, where the quality of the surface finish can determine the final product's performance, functionality, and reliability. A perfect surface is in high demand for various industrial applications. Achieving excellent surface quality and extremely low roughness without imparting micro scratches or depositing chemical/particle residue demands advanced surface conditioning technology. In this regard, Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning offers a range of solutions to meet the surface finishing needs of various industrial applications.

We offer a comprehensive range of slurries and compounds for lapping and polishing applications. Our diamond and aluminum oxide (alumina) slurries are specially formulated for high-precision lapping and polishing metals, ceramics, glass, and myriad other substrate materials. The portfolio of products for metallographic applications include diamond slurries, which provide superior results for sample preparation in material science applications. We also offer diamond compounds designed for tool and die polishing, providing excellent surface finishing and extended tool life. Specialized slurry products with engineered abrasive particles are available for precision optics manufacturing, with solutions designed to provide consistent results, high surface quality, and low surface roughness. Our expertise in surface conditioning and materials science ensures that our products meet the needs of numerous industrial applications.

Explore our applications below to learn how our products enable users to enhance and optimize their surface-finishing processes.