Automotive Clear Coat Polishing

Automotive polishing requires several steps and multiple polishing compounds to achieve the optimal surface finish from paintwork exhibiting multiple embedded flaws.

Clearcoat defects must be eliminated through automotive paint correction to reduce unseemly optical variations such as scratches, holograms, heavy water spots, and more. Abrasive compounds and polishing solutions must be administered with distinct considerations for the vehicle itself, alongside the nature of the polish.

SC Auto Polishing

Alumina (Al2O3) particles are among the hardest engineered materials on the planet. They offer proven performance for defect removal in automotive polishing, with a range of customizable features for correcting paintwork to various degrees of severity.

IDEAL Automotive Clear Coat Polishing particles is a product line of precision-engineered alumina abrasive grains designed to maximize cut rate and gloss while minimizing haze, scratches, and holograms on virtually any type of clear coat composition.
It was created to cover needs from the most aggressive cut rate to the glossiest finish according to our customers specific requirements, and allow them to make their process more effective and save cost and time, with the best finish.