IDEAL Particles for Automotive Clear Coat Polishing

Our IDEAL product line of precision-engineered alumina abrasive grains is designed to maximize cut rate and gloss while minimizing haze, scratches and holograms on virtually any type of clear coat composition. 

  • Aggressive cutting action
  • Removes deep scratches
  • Finish suitable for final polish
  • Best for severe first-step polishing, such as post sanding operations
IDEAL SUPER - particles for clear coat polishing
  • Robust cutting action
  • Modulations of gloss and haze
  • Corrects severe surface defects quickly and uniformly
Ideal Cut
  • Single step polishing
  • Combines high cutting of large particles with glossy finish of small ones
Ideal Hybrid Logo
Cut M
  • Single step polishing
  • Medium to high cutting action
Ideal Cut M
Hybrid G
  • Cutting action on last step of polishing
  • Excellent gloss 
Ideal Cut Hybrid G
  • Extreme gloss on last step of polishing
  • Faster, efficient, cost-effective
  • Swirl and hologram-free finish
Ideal Finish