Vehicles for Industrial Applications

AmberCut™ 420A is a water soluble, synthetic lapping vehicle specifically formulated for the free abrasive lapping of silicon, glass, ceramic and metal substrates.  It imparts improved surface finishes and enhances TTV and Ra values while lowering scratch defect rates.  AmberCut 420A has exceptional ability to suspend and disperse aluminum oxide, FO and silicon carbide abrasives at low dynamic viscosities, allowing cut rates and surface finishes to remain consistent for extended periods of time.  The resulting slurries are very stable suspensions that are resistant to shear.  Additionally, this unique formula is biodegradable, inhibits plate corrosion, rinses easily with water, and will not leave films or residues.
Special Fluids


  • Enhances surface finish and reduces scratch defect rates
  • Water rinsability facilitates cleaning and reduces contamination
  • Increases removal rates and allows reduced abrasive loadings
  • Excels in abrasive suspension and prevents hard packing
  • Yields very stable slurries that are resistant to shear
  • Slurry performance remains consistent for extended periods of time
  • Improves TTV and warp
  • Biodegradable and poses no environmental or health risks
Data Sheets (TDS)
Chemicals - AmberCut 420A - TDS.pdf
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Chemicals - AmberCut 420A - TDS.pdf