Coolants for Hard Disk Drive

Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning offers a full line of specialty coolants, including biodegradable coolants, engineered to increase efficiency by reducing machining time and extending tooling life. 

AmberCut 188A

Synthetic ID/OD Coolant

AmberCut™ 188A is a completely synthetic, water-soluble coolant formulated for the ID/OD chamfering of aluminum substrates. This unique formula contains very low levels of anion and cation contaminants such as chloride, fluoride, nitrate and sodium, making it compatible with pre-etch and grinding applications. The AmberCut 188A formulation also incorporates a special corrosion inhibitor to prevent isolated spot rusting or pitting.

AmberCut 389W

High Purity Synthetic Coolant 

Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning’s AmberCut 389W is a completely synthetic, water-soluble coolant formulated for use in high-tech applications. Recommended uses include cutting, slicing and grinding of ceramic materials as well as the general machining of many ferrous and non-ferrous metals. AmberCut 389W utilizes special lubricants that minimize chipping and improve surface finish.

AmberCut 389W contains a unique corrosion protection package that is effective on exotic metal alloys used in micro-electronic devices, such as PMR and advanced design read-write heads. It is specifically designed for coolant systems utilizing deionized water, where minimal substrate contamination is critical. Its unique formula contains very low levels of ionic contaminates, such as chloride and sulfate, making it excellent for use on sensitive micro-electronic devices.

AmberCut 389W is very low foaming and designed to minimize misting. It also contains a broad spectrum biocide, making it excellent for use in recycled coolant sumps. AmberCut 389W does not contain, sulfur, phosphorus, halogens, volatile solvents or formaldehyde-releasing materials.

Data Sheets (TDS)
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