ThermoFil is a next generation alpha alumina, developed to provide high thermal conductivity to improve thermal interface management, thanks to its high Alpha Alumina purity.

  • Ideal for high power devices data centers, servers and routers that require managed thermal output
  • Provides good dispersion and packing behavior in filler/coating applications
  • Supplied in powdered form allowing customization for your application and specifications
  • ThermoFil provides a high performance solution to heat management and dispersion


While designed as a thermal interface management product, ThermoFilhas shown to be a valuable product in a broader range of applications:

  • Fillers and coatings: thermal/gap pad fillers, anti-scratch coatings and films, personal protection, cut-resistance, thermal spray coatings
  • Industrial finishing: Stone/granite polishing, precision ball bearing finishing, roll polishing, medical implant polishing
  • Metallography

Features & Benefits:

  • Particle purity >99%
  • Size distribution and shape
  • Sustainably produced

Typical Properties:

Characteristics Value
Primary size particle D0.1 477.0 nm
D5 292.0 nm
D50 161.1 nm
D70 135.0 nm
SSA (dried and crushed powder) 28.0 m2/g
Moisture% 1-5
Sieve -78 mesh (final powder product) 100%


Data Sheets (TDS)
PDF | 191.28 KB
ThermoFil - Thermal interface - TDS

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