Battery solutions

At Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning, we know our customers face a broad range of challenges while manufacturing batteries: finding a local partner, safety, performance, fast production…

We are an integrated solutions manufacturer. We understand that each partner will have their own unique design or need and that an off the shelf product is not likely the solution.


  • 30+ years expertise in demanding markets such as semiconductors
  • Ongoing commercial activity in the battery market
  • Strong R&D development in ultrafine particle size for multiple ceramic platforms: alumina, zirconia, BN, ceria, silica, diamond, cBN
Lithium Battery


  • Proven high volume manufacturing scalability to accelerate your development and product launch

Broad offer

  • Unique portfolio of solutions, well protected and tailored via co-development
  • From raw materials to complete formulations 

Local & Committed

  • Global presence to supply our products locally
  • Saint-Gobain is committed to reaching CO2 neutrality by 2050 and focused in sustainable and growing markets

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