Alumina Slurries for Lapping

Featuring cut-rate enhancers for aggressive cutting action, Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning’s Amplex alumina slurries optimize lapping and polishing processes on a wide range of materials, providing fast material removal and a controlled surface finish.

Oil Based

Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning offers a line of oil-based lapping slurries designed for surface finishing of stainless steel, metal and ceramic components. Our ready-to-use slurries contain cut-rate enhancing lubricants, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors and suspension additives to extend the life and performance of the slurry. 

Safe to work with and environmentally friendly, Saint-Gobain’s oil-based slurries comply with EPA and OSHA requirements.

  • MCA 2242 Alumina Slurry

A relatively low viscosity oil-based suspension slurry designed for general industrial lapping, Saint-Gobain MCA 2242 alumina slurry provides fast cutting on ceramics and metal parts used in automotive and steel applications. MCA 2242 contains suspension additives to prevent hard packing of the abrasive during use, helping to keep more abrasive particles in the slurry participate in cutting during lapping.

The available sizes are 14.5, 17.5, 20.5, 22.5, and 25µ.

Lapping Seal Rings, Carbides and Hardened Steel

  • Properties
    • Excellent dispersion properties
    • Provides fast material removal rate and controlled surface finish
    • Ready-to-use slurry
    • ISO certified for consistent quality
    • Lapped parts can be cleaned easily with commercially available alkaline cleaners
    • Knowledgeable application engineers available for technical support
Water Based

Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning's water-based lapping slurries provide safe lapping and polishing of a wide range of metals, ceramics, crystals and glass. Our environmentally friendly slurries keep plates running cool by minimizing sludge buildup and allowing the plates to dissipate heat during operation.  

Saint-Gobain’s water-based alumina slurries contain lubricants, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors and suspension additives that enhance cut rate and performance. Many of our alumina slurries are specially formulated for use in recirculation mode to extend the life of the slurry during lapping.

  • MCA 2103 Alumina Slurry

Saint-Gobain MCA 2103 is a low viscosity water-based slurry that is widely used for lapping glass components to achieve uniform flatness.  

Lapping Glass, Metals, Stainless Steel and others

  • MCA 2185 and MCA 2287 Alumina Slurries 

A medium viscosity slurry used for lapping metals and automotive components, Saint-Gobain MCA 2185 is excellent for suspending abrasives in solution, which helps to carry the abrasive from the container to the lapping machine while evenly distributing the slurry on the plate.

Similar to MCA 2185 in viscosity and application, Saint-Gobain MCA 2287 slurry features a higher concentration of thermally conductive lubricants to keep the plates well lubricated, preventing plates from drying out too fast due to overheating.

Lapping and Polishing Ceramics: Sapphire, AITiC, SiC and WC
Lapping and Polishing Metals: 316L, 4120, Piston Rings and others

  • MCA 2220A Alumina Slurry

Saint-Gobain MCA 2220A is one of our higher viscosity lapping slurries that’s widely used for lapping outer edges of seal rings. The higher viscosity of the slurry allows the abrasive particles to stay inside the sleeves longer where the seal rings come in contact to shape and smooth out the edges.

Lapping Metals: 316L, 4120, Seal Rings and others