Slurries for Oxides

Saint-Gobain Glass Polishing Slurries are a series of high precision CMP slurries specifically formulated for use on glass wafers. They utilize Saint-Gobain’s proprietary zirconia particles and ceria particles that greatly enhance removal rates compared to other competitive abrasives. It is also formulated with proprietary chemistries which further enhance planarization efficiency. Saint-Gobain glass slurries also contain unique additives that provide excellent surface defectivity and cleanability. They have excellent slurry shelflife stability. These slurries have high colloidal and biological stability for enhanced ease of use.
Slurries for oxide


Features and Benefits:

  • Internally engineered abrasive particles leading to unmatchable removal efficiency
  • Tight control of particle size distribution and oversized particles
  • Formulation chemistry designed to maxime CoO and improve cleanability
  • Knowledgeable application engineers available to answer questions
  Cerpol 27C ZSL 200
Suitable Application Oxide Polishing Oxide Polishing
Abrasive type Engineered Ceria Engineered Zirconia
Particle size D50 600nm 600nm
Dilution Ratio 5X 10x
pH 10 8.5
Solids Contents 15% 10%

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