FinAl Sapphire Polishing Slurry

An innovative solution specially designed for polishing C-plane sapphire wafers, Saint-Gobain FinAl 9222 alumina polishing slurry combines optimal polishing performance with a lower total cost of ownership. While offering a superior removal rate that’s at least four times greater than colloidal silica, FinAl 9222 slurry delivers a scratch-free finish with minimal subsurface damage and is capable of achieving less than 3 Angstrom Ra with no visible scratches to the naked eye

Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning's FinAl 9222 is an aqueous slurry that has been carefully designed, starting with the selection of high-purity raw materials to the final conversion of pre-cursor to alpha alumina. Ideal for cutting sapphire, FinAl 9222 slurry produces an excellent finish on C-plane sapphire.


Saint-Gobain’s new abrasive grain used for FinAl 9222 features a very hard nano-structured network that allows micro-fracturing and the formation of new, sharp cutting edges. FinAl 9222 polishing slurry may be used again and again in a recirculation mode for longer-lasting performance. In production scale testing with proper care and maintenance of the slurry in the mixing tank, FinAl 9222 recorded more than 10 hours of continuous polishing.

Saint-Gobain engineers and application specialists are available to demonstrate the proper use of FinAl slurry on C-plane sapphire to sustain a high material removal rate and long slurry life.


  • Provides fast material removal rate and controlled surface finish
  • Easy to clean — does not recrystallize like colloidal silica
  • Can be recycled to maximize slurry life
  • Readily available in commercial quantities
  • Tightly controlled particle size distribution and oversized particles
  • ISO certified for consistent quality
  • Knowledgeable application engineers available for technical support

Product Characteristics:

pH 12 - 13
% solids 20
Al2O3 content 99+%

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