Slurries for SiC Polishing

Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning ClasSiC™ alumina polishing slurries are high-precision slurries specifically formulated for the chemical mechanical planarization of silicon carbide wafers used in the fabrication of LED and power electronic devices. Made with Saint-Gobain’s nano alumina abrasives, ClasSiC™ CMP slurries greatly enhance removal rate and planarization performance, delivering an excellent surface finish and scratch-free surface on SiC wafers.


ClasSiC™ slurries are formulated with high-efficiency permanganate oxidizers, tightly sized engineered nano-particles, and accelerant chemistries that facilitate very low rougness surface finish, defectivity and sub-surface damage on all SiC surfaces. These unique slurries provide exceptionally low TTV, LTV, and Warp values and deltas. ClasSiC™ slurries offer colloidal and oxidative stability, making them easy to manage and clean, thanks to Amberclean SCA17, developed specifically for ClasSiC™.

Benefits - ClasSiC™

  • Exceptionally high removal rate on both Si-face and carbon-face
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Very low TTV
  • Very low LTV
  • Very low warp
  • Very low scratch potential and defectivity
  • Provides epi-ready surface of Si terminated side
  • Excellent dispersion, cleanability and oxidative stability
  • Saint-Gobain will work with you to formulate a custom ClasSiC slurry for your unique CMP requirements.
ClasSiC™ 102 V
  • Removal rate: 1μ/hr
  • Surface Finish: down to 1 Å

Saint-Gobain’s SkyRun products are designed for batch process prepolishing and double sided polishing. SkyRun combines well controlled diamond particles with vehicle chemistry that is designed to optimize viscosity, keep particles in suspension, and enable rapid and consistent material removal on SiC.

  • Tightly controlled diamond abrasives
  • Fast MRR and controlled surface finish
  • Removes SSD from slicing & grinding
  • Knowledgeable sales & application engineers available to provide process support
Amberclean SCA17

Benefits - Amberclean SCA17

  • Highly efficient cleaner which degrades permanganate and aids in removing stuck/ surface bonded particle
  • Shelf-stable formulation: no eventual deactivation and no outgassing/ bloating during storage
  • Formulated without the use of VOC’s
  • Intended to be used for all cleaning needs where ClasSiC slurries come in contact with – wafers, pads, tooling, and factory surroundings
  • Can be concentrated up to 3x
Data Sheets (TDS)
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Data Sheets (TDS)
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Data Sheets (TDS)
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