Cubic Boron Nitride Mesh

Cubic boron nitride is a synthetic crystalline material second only to diamond in Knoop hardness. Although softer than diamond, CBN is superior in terms of abrasion resistance and oxidation resistance with steel alloys. Its relative crystalline inertness makes CBN the abrasive of choice for grinding steels, cast iron and nickel-based alloys.

Saint-Gobain’s cubic boron nitride mesh is typically 40µm and larger in particle size and available in an electroless nickel (Ni) coating of 60% by weight. Our electroless coated particles promote enhanced grinding wheel performance in terms of longevity due to improved heat removal from the grinding zone and increased abrasive adhesion in the bond system.

Cubic Boron Nitride

Applications include:

  • Metal bond grinding wheels
  • Resin bond grinding wheels
  • Vitrified bond wheels
  • Electroplated products